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In order to always steadily expand your business, you should be tracking all your data. Any marketing solutions you use, all the inquiries you get, every sale you make. Everything needs to be tracked! 

There are many reasons to track and here are some of them:

Understanding Consumers:

Without data, there is no real way to tell who your customers actually are. Data is the answer to understanding and reaching your consumers! By recording what it is they are purchasing you can see where there is a gap in the market and opportunity for you to push your service or products. 

Improving Processes:

In order to reduce your monthly costs, using the data you collect will help you understand and improve business processes. With your data showing how different marketing channels are performing, you can then see which offers you the greatest ROI. That way you can learn to spend less and gain more.


Most things in life are performance-driven and your business is no different. Data tracking allows you to compare this month’s results with last month’s results. This means you can compare what strategies are working and what marketing solution is worth you spending money on. 

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