WordPress is a versatile and vast tool to create a numberless amount of online platforms. With 90% of blog writers using WordPress this outlet sometimes gets forgotten when it comes to actually creating web pages. With such versatility, we wanted to highlight a few of its other uses….

Business website.
Many web designers and developers use WordPress to create all sorts of websites, small and large. WordPress is a brilliant outlet for any website with easy access and editing you can change and update content easily. In addition, you can access more complex functions, though code and higher end skills.

Landing page
Most marketers use landing pages to build SEO rankings and WordPress manages this seamlessly. Online marketers use WordPress for high-end work because of its speed and flexibility.

Online Magazine
When you create and a host an online magazine it’s vital to keep it up to date and with easy to follow templates, is ideal for that function, there are a huge number of online magazines you’ll need to stand out. WordPress also offers a fully customizable template when you can easily add your own spin onto your site, making it unique and on trend.

Artists, designers and creatives are always looking for a low maintenance site to display their work to the highest of qualities. With a professional and concise flare, WordPress is the perfect outlet leaving you with a professional look when you have completed it, showcasing work to the highest of qualities.

Wordpress is so versatile you can use it as an online shop, with the ability to extend and grow. It’s easy to create when you know how. With most of us now shopping online, this is a useful tool to have alongside or independently from a business.

So there we go, there are just a few of the different ways you can use to your benefit – the number of uses is endless.

Learn more about how to use this incredible tool with our tutorials.

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