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WordPress is a universal website that can assist any web designer in helping them to organise their content. It is highly simple and easy to use, and can help anyone even those with minimal technology knowledge and understanding. Clients can also easily add content and manage their own website after it has been built, helping to free up designers time to focus on other projects. In this blog, we will be covering the benefits of using WordPress and why designers should be using it.

Large Community:

WordPress has an extremely large number of users all over the world, making a large amount of resources available to help to teach others. Tutorials, forums and troubleshooting guides are all available online to help to assist clients and designers alike, helping them to create websites that best suit their visions. If you as a designer are having trouble for any reason, the large community within WordPress is there to help save your time, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere.

Content Management System:

WordPress is one of the frontrunners when it comes to creating websites, helping designers to create and manage digital content. This website is a content management system that offers a user friendly interface, allowing designers to focus on the visual aspects rather than the coding side. This website also stores content in a structured way, with making pages for blog writing, sections for SEO content and other ways, helping designers to navigate the software efficiently. When it comes to worrying about clients, WordPress can support multiple users, each with different permission levels. This helps in enabling staff to collaborate on projects as well as administrators deciding who can edit, publish and moderate content.


Plugins within WordPress can help to extend the functionality of the website, beyond its standard features. They can work to increase the visual appeal of a website, adding in photo galleries and animation effects, making the website more impactful and engaging for visitors. If you are wanting to improve functionality, there is pretty much a plugin for anything! From contact forms to social media sharing buttons, there is a plugin that can help make your website more user-friendly. Here are some popular plugins that other web designers love:

Elementor – This plugin is a highly popular page builder that allows designers to create custom layouts using a drag-and-drop interface.

Yoast SEO – This plugin helps designers optimise their website content for search engines.

WPForms – This plugin allows you to create easy-to-use contact forms for websites.

Smush – This plugin helps to optimise images for faster loading times.

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