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At Nevill Media we aim to become the leading provider for online training of modern business and digital marketing, in order to help you develop your skills. Our members all come from a vast variety of industries and backgrounds, meaning no business is ever excluded!

Online learner

There are a range of tools we can provide you with to help you with your learning; from video tutorials to E-books and text guides. All of our videos are easy to follow, focusing on a particular element within a subject in order not to overload you with too much information at once. Nevill Media understands that sometimes reading through text isn’t helpful enough on it’s own, hence why our videos are a really good way to show you exactly how to do it. 

Understanding Learners

This gives you the option to pause the video at any time, to either make notes or double check your understanding. You have the ability to rewind in case you wanted to re-watch how a particular element was executed. 

The reason we have E-books is because sometimes, guides and videos do not contain enough actual content nor do they go into enough detail. All our E-books are full of helpful content and also contain shared stories from Nevill Media tutors, online marketers and entrepreneurs. 

We know some people gain a better understanding from reading in depth information. That way it is clear and concise, and you can take your time reading it. 

Others find that they learn better from just reading through descriptive instructions, with screenshots included to make it easy for you to follow. These are useful for learners that do not need in depth information to master a skill. You learn more from trying it out yourself and using the screenshot image as a guide. 


To Sum Up

We offer every kind of learner a way to learn in order for them to reach their full potential. To become a member, you can sign up now! You can choose to either pay £18 a month or £180 for an annual membership. We even offer a 7 day free trial!

If you sign up today we currently have a special offer available: 12 months membership for just £60!! It’s an offer that can’t be missed so make sure you get signed up now. 

If you require any additional information then please see our FAQ page, or send in an enquiry on our website.