Have you ever heard of the three main learning types, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic? Perhaps you learn through a combination of the three or have one that you stand by when it comes to educating yourself for a new skill?

Visual Learners: Many of us understand and learn best when information is presented to us visually. Seeing information helps us visualise concepts taught which can access your brain quicker and build the picture of what’s going on in front of you.

Auditory Learners: There are also a large proportion of people that understand and learn best when information is presented to them in an auditory manner. This involves hearing information and not necessarily seeing the physical action in front of them – for example, a tape recording or radio would be a auditory action.

Kinesthetic Learners: Understanding and learning relevant information can also come kinesthetically. This is performed by the art of movement, using your hands or bodies helps many of us experience the concepts taught in any situation.

Either way, these three types of learning method are incredibly diverse and it helps to know what one works best for you in terms of utilising the theory for best practice in the future. However, there is no right mix, nor are your styles permanent for each task, you can develop your ability into new and existing theories too!

For example, video tutorials have become the most popular way of learning a new skill. Thus, people will remember what they have seen more than what they have heard.

Tutorials are a fun and exciting way of learning or teaching something. In addition, tutorials are incredibly easy to use as well as giving you the independence to learn an online skill in subjects such as SEO, Analytics, Websites and many more we provide at Nevill Media.

You can learn something new and improve your learning options professionally and personally with us! To find out more about our tutorials or have an interest in any upcoming seminars, please call the coordinator, Cristina Ignat, on 01206 588 000 or email hello@nevillmedia.com.

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