Online learning can be a great way to extend your knowledge, however, there are some truly bad examples online. However here at Nevill media, we have devised this blog to help you choose which one to use and which one is good for you.

There are so many bad examples in online learning out there, unfortunately, sometimes it can be quite hard to tell what will be good for you and what won’t be, For instance, some online learning companies only offer one type of resource for the students to learn from. e.g a written workbook, even though it’s been proven that there are many types of learning and certain types of learners will not respond to certain types of resources. At Nevill Media we use two learning resources video and written, you can use both of these simultaneously or individually depending, on whatever way suits you best.

Practice Learning Knowledge Study Concept

Another example would be some companies only offer you a one time use and access to the resources, and if you were to want to use it more than once you would have to pay again. At Nevill Media, we offer open resources which are accessible as many times as you like or need during your membership period.

Not only do we offer revisitable and multi-learning methods but we ensure they are engaging, to guarantee that you want to continue learning rather, than it being a task you don’t want to complete.

A vital part of online learning we feel is diversity in subjects, a lot of the time when you buy an E-Learning Package it is on one topic or subject, whereas at Nevill Media we offer you the full scope of our packages, from SEO to opening a wordpress account.

With all of these benefits, it makes sense to better your knowledge with Nevill Media. Take a look at our e-learning topics today!

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