Where it all began

Nevill Media originally set out to deliver cost effective training workshops and seminars for small business owners and students. Unfortunately the cost of marketing and venues soon meant that our fees would need to increase in order to make it financially viable going forward. As a result we would become just another digital marketing training provider. This was not our aim and we soon realised that we needed to redesign and restructure our training model. After 2 years of planning and production we are finally live with the Nevill Media platform you see today.

Who teaches at Nevill Media?

All Nevill Media tutors are handpicked industry experts from leading digital agency Universal Web Design. Because our tutors are skilled professionals we can ensure that no content goes up on our platform that isn’t beneficial and of a high quality. We know how precious your time is so we won’t waste it by offering you tutorials that aren’t particularly useful to you.

Future developments

We are striving to develop the best online training platform we can and we have a lot of new content in the production.

We add new content on a weekly basis to keep you up to date with all the latest advancements and developments. However if there is anything you would particularly like to see on the platform then don’t hesitate to let us know by recommending a new tutorial.

Our primary focus for content has been the six main topics of WordPress, search engine optimisation, social media, marketing, e-commerce and Pixlr. However we have plans to add not only new content to these existing areas but we will expand into new subjects such as blogging, start-ups, web development, logo design and many more.

Membership Options

We currently offer three different membership options: trial, monthly and annual.

Our trial package is completely free and allows you to access all the content on the Nevill Media platform for 7 days.

The monthly package is £18 a month and grants you unlimited access to Nevill Media. This package works on a pay as you go basis so you can cancel at any time should you so wish.

Annual is our most popular and best value package. The standard price is £180 a year which works out at only £15 a month. We currently have a exclusive offer available to the next 20 users that allows you to gain full access, for just £50. Take advantage of this offer and save 72%.

All our paid membership plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try out our platform risk free.

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