You hear people in the marketing and computing world throw round terms which mean next to nothing to you and you almost accept you will never really understand them because they sound as if someone is talking a foreign language. But now YOU can. For instance, you hear and see the acronym ‘SEO’ thrown around which translates from normal British to Search Engine Optimisation which means to make Google put you first basically. Meaning you’ll obtain more traffic to your site and therefore more exposure.

What is not to like about that? We all know nobody ever scrolls to page 19 on their Google results to find your website after all. We oddly trust those high ranks sites. So let’s make yours one of them!

It’s easy to believe that the huge companies will always come top of the search list, fortunately for you and you new birth business or small company there are ways around it and it’s not all about the size or the revenue of the company. Nevill Media can teach you how to increase your ranking with simple online tutorials.

You can grow your ranking organically without paying someone else for your ‘top spot.’ With our 17 video tutorials and 21 text tutorials online you can learn to be a master in SEO in your own time and whenever you like, 24 hours a day.

It will teach you things such as how you can grow your accounts by just adding things such as simple keywords, obviously there are more complex parts to it but we make them easy to understand and straightforward to complete.

It is ultimately the best and easiest way to learn whilst maintaining everything you are already doing. So why delay, online marketing and Nevill Media is the way forward in 2019, so don’t be behind the times. We look forward to seeing you grow and start using those words you would only hear and not fully understand.

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