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A call to action or CTA for short, its simply a button or a sentence that entices people to take action now. Sounds simple right?

To make sure you use the appropriate call to action, you need to really know your target audience and the platforms you are displaying your CTA on. 


If you are displaying an ad on Facebook, the call to action you use might not be the same as you would use on Instagram.

There are endless examples of ads with CTA that work for them. As much as you need to use something powerful, you also need to make sure the rest of the copy you have around that call to action isn’t obsolete.  

There is nothing worse than having the best call to action on the planet, but if the copy is boring or doesn’t have a clear and precise message then people are not going to even make it to the CTA.

A typical call to action phrases tends to be such as:

  • Sign-up
  • Register
  • Subscribe 
  • Order
  • Download
  • Follow
  • Click here for

When creating a call to action there are a few things you need to consider. Such as, don’t assume people know what to do after reading your ad or marketing material. 

You need to make it clear exactly what it is you want people to do. If you want them to subscribe then you need to make it crystal clear. 

Keeping it simple works best. Don’t make potential clients jump through mazes when giving a CTA, and don’t give them too many options making it difficult to know what they desired outcome is. 

An important aspect to remember is track results! By testing different CTA, you ensure you’re getting maximum results. 

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