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WordPress Tools

This guide is designed to provide you with an insight of the WordPress Tools tab and the options available. Areas covered include the Press This, Import and Export tools. Examples and explanations are shared below.

Press This
The Press This tool is relatively new for WordPress and has only been available for the past few years. The Press This tool is a bookmarklet that enables you to highlight content including text, images and videos from another website and immediately copy those elements into a post template.

It’s unlikely that you will instantly come across content that are of great interest to you and relevant for such purposes, this is why we suggest adding the Press This application to your browser’s bookmark section. This way you can simply highlight and copy contents directly into a post once the Press This bookmarklet is selected.

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The Import option can be very beneficial, particularly if you own content such as pages, post or comments in another system such as: Blogger, Blogroll, Categories and Tags Converter, Live Journal, Moveable Type and TypePad, RSS, Tumblr and WordPress.

Many other plugins, in particular the e-commerce options available tend to add additional options within the Imports WordPress section of your dashboard. Typically this is to help you import products and customers through a CSV file or similar. Solutions such as this will save you an abundance of time that would have otherwise been wasted on administration.

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The Export function available within your WordPress dashboard operates very similarly to the Import function but through the reverse mechanisms. It is designed to help you export your WordPress content and import into another WordPress website.

There are three export functions that allow you to select what aspect of your website you wish to export. Those options include:

  1. All Content
  2. This includes posts, pages, comments, custom fields, navigation menus and custom posts.

  3. Posts
  4. Pages

The Export system will enclose all of your website contents within an XML file. This is what makes it so convenient for you to simply re-upload the contents into another WordPress website.

As you can see, this solution will save you a bundle of time when it comes to moving content from one site to another. Your alternative options are to access your website files through CPanel or to FTP your files into the new website. Both alternative options will require greater knowledge and take more time to complete the exchange process when compared to this nifty WordPress solution.

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