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Welcome To WordPress

Until now it’s likely that you considered building or managing your website as a near to impossible task. Until the introduction of content management systems (CMS) it wouldn’t have been impossible but certainly very challenging, for everyone but developers to make the sort of amendments that are vastly simpler when using WordPress or a similar CMS.

Whilst WordPress is not completely straight forward, the basic aspects of a website that most businesses want to have control over are quite simple to edit. If you can use software such as Microsoft Word then you can certainly edit the text and contents of your web pages.

More advanced features and functions will be taught throughout the Nevill Media program. Our guides and tutorials will make it easy for you to learn how to make all of the changes and website developments you desire.

There are many great aspects to WordPress several of which have been listed below to help you gauge why WordPress is the Worlds leading content management system.

Search Friendly
Everyone wants their website to be the one that ranks top within the search results. Whilst no one can guarantee where a website will rank, the WordPress code and set up will provide you with a solid foundation to gain a decent search ranking.

Furthermore, around 19% of websites use WordPress as their CMS. Since so many websites are built on the same platform, search engines such as Google find it far easier to access and crawl the websites code.

Easy To Use
WordPress is not the only CMS around, but what everyone loves about it is how simple the whole system is to use. There is no need for a CMS to be overly complex and difficult to learn, WordPress takes away all of the confusing elements and makes it easy for everyone to use.

Global Access
What makes WordPress so great is that you can access it from any location in the world.

Whether you want to sit on a sun lounger in the Caribbean or in front of the log fire in the alpes, everything you want to do to your website can be done at ease using any device with internet access.

No one likes restrictions, WordPress is one of very few platforms that makes it extremely convenient to expand upon what you already have. In most instances you can expand and develop your website with further features and functions without the need of a developer. The WordPress plugin directory is filled with almost every plugin that you will ever need. Regardless of whether you need an estate agency facility to sell properties, a gallery to present your art, an affiliate system that allows other websites to sell your products for a set commission or to import website subscriptions into an email marketing system such as MailChimp. All is possible with WordPress and the plugins on offer.

If plugins are new to you, there is no need to fear. A plugin is very similar to a smart phone app. Once a file containing the code (a plugin) is installed on your website, an additional feature or function will be accessible. Most plugins are free but if you cannot find the plugin you need, it’s more than likely that a developer will have a plugin for sale at a reasonable fee.

The typical cost of premium plugins tends to vary from around £10 to £80 or more. It largely depends on how complex they are and the added functionality they will add to your site. They can be a cost effective solution for your business to expand and develop its online presence and visitor experience without having to resort to hiring a developer.

WordPress is used by businesses of all sizes. In most cases it’s fair to associate free with poor quality, but this conclusion should not be drawn upon when considering WordPress.

There are some competitors that offer a very good premium solution, but these will often come with their own disadvantages such as development limitations and whilst plugins could be created or code developed for those platforms, it’s likely that the solution will be vastly more expensive than the WordPress equivalent, in most instances you will probably need a developer to create a bespoke solution for your business.

Since some of you may be less interested in the ‘design’ aspects of managing a website or would prefer for someone else to manage this area for you, then thankfully once again WordPress comes to the rescue.

The WordPress platform makes it possible for you to upload a new website design through the click of a button. Pre-made website designs are also referred to as themes.

Themes can be bought from a number of providers and will typically cost anything from £25 to £60.

Whilst a theme is often re-sold to many other businesses and can be found and used on other websites, it is highly unlikely that you will see a site that looks similar to your due to the sheer size of the web and design possibilities. If you do encounter another website that is using the same theme as yours, or if the theme you install does not include the businesses branding such as colours and fonts, then you can simply edit those through plugins and CSS.

Whilst there are other options when it comes to selecting a suitable content management system, we would argue that you would struggle to find anything close the sheer power of WordPress.