WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system with over 19% of all websites using it as their CMS. WordPress is incredibly easy to use and it is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Introduction to WordPress
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    Is WordPress Right For You?

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    Difference between WordPress.com and .org

Installing & Updating WordPress
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    WordPress Quick Install

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    Manually Install WordPress

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    Updating wordpress

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    Customising the dashboard

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    Installing Themes

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    Uploading a theme

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    Manually Installing Themes

User Accounts
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    Understanding permalinks

Posts & Pages
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    Creating a new page

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    Creating a new post

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    Adding links

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    Inserting images

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    Featured image

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    Embedding a video from youtube

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    Categories and tags

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    Post visibility, sticky posts, scheduling and publishing posts

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    Post excerpts

Widgets & Sidebars
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    Widgets and Sidebars

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    Dynamic widgets

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    Installing plugins

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    Updating, deactivating and deleting plugins

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    Installing Plugins Through WordPress

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    EWWW image optimizer

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    Searching for plugins

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    Installing Plugins via FTP

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    Creating a new menu

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    Add pages, categories and custom links to the menu

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    Adding a menu to the sidebar

Maintanence and Security
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    Backing up your site with a plugin

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    Restoring your site after a crash

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    Backup your site manually

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    Basic security recomendations

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    Better WP security

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    Wordfence security

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    The History of WordPress

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    Understanding the WordPress Dashboard

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    WordPress Tools

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    WordPress Plugins

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    Welcome To WordPress

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    An Introduction to the Pages Tab

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    Introduction to the Media Library

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    Introduction to WordPress Posts

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