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Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter Marketing Strategies

This guide will teach you Twitter marketing strategies that work. Each social media network is unique, however all rely on effective marketing, engagement and regular communication for success.

Twitter Marketing Strategies

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‘Twitter Stalking’

This strategy initially came to our attention through Scott Campbell, a marketing consultant. By implementing this strategy we have seen an increase in engagement and conversion rates.

The concept is quite simple, and not the creepy practice that the name might suggest. Basically just use Twitter to its full capacity; retweet, favourite and respond to potential customers tweets. By targeting those who have attended you networking events, for example, you are more likely to convert a follower to a customer. You can also apply the same practice with those you have not have met personally; Twitter is just another networking opportunity.

Twitter stalking builds a relationship with potential customers. Through consistency, support and engagement, your prospects will tend to research your company further and feel comfortable in dealing with you.

Direct Tweeting

Whilst broadcasting messages helps build a wide audience, alone it will convert very few followers into customers. Sending a personalised message (include the person’s @name) to individual followers will certainly enhance engagement and enable you to convert followers into customers.

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Thanking Followers

It requires very little time and effort to thank your new followers, but this interaction alone sparks engagement. Once your “thanks for following!” message has been delivered, the conversation barrier has been broken. By making the first move you are more likely to encourage future conversation.

By thanking your new followers, you are also building your brand awareness.

Tweet, Squeeze, Convert

The ‘Tweet, Squeeze, Convert’ process is arguably the most successful Twitter marketing process of them all. This strategy requires more time and effort than the other strategies however the success rate is significantly highly.

The concept is a three-stage process designed to engage and convert followers into paying customers.

Write an interesting tweet to get people to visit your squeeze page.

You will need to create a squeeze page dedicated to one single offer. The offer should cost under £99 and the squeeze page should make it simple for people to either buy or inquire there and then. The squeeze page should include all essential information such as testimonials, key aspects of the service or product and how to order and price. Keep everything neat and simple and most importantly the copy must be compelling. It may be worth using a high quality copywriter to help you here.

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