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Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

This guide is designed to inform you of the Twitter advertising options, where you need to go to set up your adverts, the likely costs, how to select who sees your adverts and the benefits of streaming adverts.

Twitter Advertising

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Advertising Options

Twitter offers three unique advertisement opportunities within its platform: promoted Accounts, Tweets and Trends. Each offers a unique benefit. All increase your chances of attracting new followers, but which is best for your business?

Below we have described the three options and the benefits and limitations of each in order for you to make an accurate decision of your own.

Promoted Accounts

This is one of the most popular advertising options for small businesses as it is likely to attract the most appropriate followers to your brand.

A promoted account will feature along the left hand side of the Twitter page underneath the ‘Who To Follow’ tab and will be shown dependent on whether those pages and users meet your advertising selections.

You will be able to select advertisement placements dependent on interests, geography and gender. Whilst this is not as comprehensive as Facebook’s advertising options, it’s enough to help you attract the right audience to your brand.

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Promoted Tweets

This Twitter advertising option is useful if you have a particular tweet that you want everyone to see (“Free trial today” or “We support Breast Cancer”). If you’re trying to attract a certain group of followers, it’s a less effective practice.

Promoted tweets are ideal if you want to reach a range of traditional, mobile and tablet users because your promoted tweets will sit at the top of the Twitter news feed.

Promoted Trends

Topics and brands frequently trend on Twitter and it is one of the best places to advertise if you’re a large company. Small businesses are unlikely to see the return on investment (ROI) through this advertisement option, however larger companies certainly will.

Through Twitter’s promoted trends option, you can advertise your company’s trend above the rest. Your trend will feature at the very top of the list, gaining full exposure and generating a large volume of traffic.

You can target who you want to see your trend by specifying this within the advertising options.

Twitter’s analytical system is designed for advertisement reporting and will help you to identify the performance of your campaign.

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