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The Benefits of Google+, Connections & Circles

The Benefits of Google+, Connections & Circles

This guide is designed to identify the benefits of Google+, connections and circles and how these can positively impact your business page.

The Benefits of Google+, Connections & Circles

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Google+ is a fast growing social media network. The Google team is continuously enhancing the user experience which, in turn, is making Google+ an essential business platform.

There are many benefits to owning a Google+ page, but these are only obtained if you use and manage your page effectively.

Your intention should be to build or join relevant circles and join in with discussion, providing advice and helping others achieve more. Google will recognise and reward these activities with improved search rankings. More importantly, public online communication will enhance and grow your brand quickly.

Brand Awareness

Building your circles and joining well-established circles will help enhance your brand’s presence rapidly.

Brand Engagement

The internet is continuously changing and affecting how people do business. Traditionally business was done with someone you knew. The internet boom then enabled people to buy and enquire through websites using search. Now yet another transformation is taking place where businesses are connecting and attracting clients through social media marketing.

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People often recommended tradesmen, places to buy products and specialised personal services. These recommendations have entered the online spectrum (think feedback on eBay and Amazon reviews for basic examples) and they are sometimes classed as ‘referrals’. The internet is fast, convenient and cost effective making it a great place to do business.

Social media websites such as Google+ make it easy for people to engage, understand and share your business with others looking for similar services.


Through experience, we have been able to see an increase in conversions with customers and potential customers through a Google+ page. This tends to be from people who have either been following us or those we have been speaking with on Google+.

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Search Rankings

There is no doubt that Google+ is having an impact on search rankings. The world’s leading SEO specialists have tested the impact and the findings imply that Google+ pages are affecting website rankings.

It is difficult to pin point the key trigger which causes such a positive effect, however we have seen that an active Google+ profile with quality connections, good group involvement, regular updates and relevant followers who like and share your posts will positively impact your websites search results.

Additional Traffic Sources

While a Google+ profile page is not as effective as your website at selling your services, it’s an additional means of attracting users to your website.

Google includes Google+ pages within its index, meaning that search engine users will visit and access your posts and updates. Ensure that your website link is present to benefit from an additional traffic source.

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