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The Benefits of Followers & Retweets

The Benefits of Followers & Retweets

This guide is designed to teach you the benefits that come with having Twitter follows and gaining retweets.

The Benefits of Followers & Retweets

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There are obvious benefits to having more followers, such as greater exposure to a wider audience. There are also several other benefits that are often overlooked and not appreciated that stem from having a large following.

An increase in followers also means that you will benefit from additional ‘who to follow’ recommendations. This essentially means that your profile will be recommended to other users more frequently.

Potential customers will associate a large number of followers and fans with a business that is popular and trusted among many. A good number of followers will improve the confidence among prospective clients and customers, in turn this will increase the likelihood that they might make a purchase with your business.

Never consider paying for followers. Just stay clear of this method because it really is not worth it in the long run. People are becoming increasingly Twitter savvy and will check to see whether your followers are genuine or not. Lots of fake followers could give your business a negative impression, and at the end of the day it just strikes of desperation when someone buys followers. They will not be engaging with your business or profile and you run the risk of putting off potential clients.

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Tweets & Retweets

Keeping your Twitter profile updated with quality content will increase exposure, engage your audience and build confidence with your prospective clients. An active social media presence makes your company appear professional, organised and easy to contact – conveniences that customers cherish.

Your online presence will soon grow once when other users begin to retweet your posts. Retweets tick a big box in Twitters algorithm, as the logical approach would suggest, only quality posts and updates will be retweeted.

Furthermore, potential followers will see retweets as a good thing and judge this to be an action of brand recognition and trust. If your posts are retweeted, not only will your followers see this, but also followers of the retweeter. This potentially allows your content to be seen by a much wider audience than just your own following.

Potential customers will prefer to do business with a company that receives signals of online engagement such as retweets and recognition of its posts, so make sure you fill your profile with content worth sharing and the engagement will come naturally.

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