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How To Create A Twitter Profile

How To Create A Twitter Profile

This guide is designed to help you create a Twitter profile for personal and business purposes.

How To Create A Twitter Profile

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Twitter has a fast growing community of users and many businesses have seen a great increase in sales after engaging in social media promotion.

Creating a Twitter profile is fairly straightforward, however many businesses and professionals alike make simple mistakes that cause great confusion for their target audience. Their profiles can often make it unclear as to what service they provide or products they sell. This guide is a checklist of the process you need to follow in order to create your Facebook page professionally.

Profile Creation

Your Twitter profile should compliment your overall brand presence, this includes:

  • Your Username e.g. (@universalwebdes)
  • Photo
  • Banner
  • Biography
  • Links
  • Tweets

All of these elements should work together and enhance your brand identity. In doing so your profile will be easily found through Twitter search and search engines.Unclear messages, inconsistent branding, complicated wording and irrelevant posts can lead to current and potential followers being alienated as to what you actually do.

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It is important that people know instantaneously what your business is all about as soon as they land on your Twitter profile. Your background should either be an image of the business, your products, the service or the experience – this is preferable. If these are not suitable, then the background of your Twitter profile page should be complimentary to the rest of your companies branding.

Your Twitter profile image is only 48px by 48px, hence the need to use this space effectively. We typically suggest that businesses use their logo here as it is the first point of contact that most people will have with your brand. If you are a sole trader or similar, then a professional image of yourself may be suitable.

The banner image is 520×260 in size and a great location for you to entice your prospective audience. This could either be an image of your premises such as the front of your restaurant, or an image of your team which will add a touch of personality to the page – nothing too intimidating though. Either way, this space should be used to full effect to continue your brand message.

Twitter provides you with up to 160 characters to describe your business and its service or product offering. We suggest that you create a very brief description which describes your business as a whole i.e. ‘internet marketing agency’, includes your location i.e. ‘Colchester, Essex’ and contains your keywords through the use of hash tags ‘#’ i.e. #SEO.

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A common mistake that people often make is to not include the web address of their website within their Twitter profile. This is of absolute importance as it is at your website that people will either buy or enquire about your products or services. Since this is not possible through Twitter, so you must include a link to your website. Adding a link will also enable Google and other search engines to track traffic generated through your Twitter profile. It will also allow search engines to verify that your business has its own Twitter profile which enables them to measure your followers, retweets, frequency of posts and overall brand engagement.

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