How To Create a Google+ Profile

This guide is designed to help you create a Google+ profile which is both professionally set up, optimised for search and aligned to the rest of your companies branding.

How To Create a Google+ Profile

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Getting Started

If you do not already have one, you will need a personal Google+ profile in order to create a Google+ page for your business.

Visit the Google+ home page to get started – this is where you create both types of page.

Select a Category

Once you have signed up, you will be asked to select an appropriate category. The options will include:

Local Business or Place
This category is designed for location related businesses such as hotels, restaurants, car garages and shops. It also applies to location focused service providers such as an accountancy firm which works with Colchester based clients.

Product or Brand
If you own a fashion label, sell mobile phones, design cars, or something of that ilk, then you will want to select the product or brand option.

Company Institution or Organisation
This category is designed for large or small businesses, financial or educational institutions, or any other type of organisation can select this category for such purposes.

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Arts, Entertainment or Sports
This is ideal for anyone in the arts. If you are an artist, promoting film, seeking to launch a band, or wish to create a community for your local sports team then chose this option.

If your page does not fit into any of the categories above then it would be classed as an alternative and selecting the ‘other’ category would be the best fit.

Public Customisation

Once a category has been selected, you will be invited to create and personalise the appearance of your Google+ profile page.

It is typically advised that your smaller Google+ image is of your company’s logo. This will increase your brand awareness and present your business professionally. If you’re a small business or consultant then a personal ‘professionally taken’ image maybe suitable, although it’s certainly best to use a logo.

A big mistake many companies make is to use a low quality image. Always use high quality images and graphics. Remember that the quality of images, grammar, spelling and followers reflects the quality of your page and business in general.

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Banner Image
The Google+ banner image is huge – 2120 x 1192 pixels. This provides you with a great deal of space to promote your brand. The majority of businesses struggle to create an innovative design suitable for this space however it is suggested that you use it wisely, otherwise a blank or boring image could present your company negatively.

Coca-Cola, one of the most recognisable global brands, have used this space brilliantly. Have a look at their page (and as many others as you have time to sift through) for ideas of what does – and does not – work.

For best results, the about section within your Google+ page needs to be optimised for search engines. Include keywords within the description of your company or page and make the about section concise yet comprehensive with snippets of your services, clients or customers, products, where you are based, length of establishment and anything else that will build an image of what you are all about for those that land on your page.

This will increase your exposure online and within the Google+ community.

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