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How To Create A Facebook Profile

How To Create A Facebook Profile

This guide will show you how to create and set up your Facebook profile professionally and in sync with your Facebook Pages and website.

How To Create A Facebook Profile

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It is important that you present yourself professionally online, as people will link you to the business, so be careful in how you portray your company.

Be very careful with what statements you make, photos you share and comments you like as this could have a negative impact on your business.

Profile Creation

Head over to Facebook to get started:

Simply fill out a few simple fields and you’re on your way:

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Steps 1 – 4
Once you have completed the sign up form, Facebook will take you through four simple steps to help you get started on its platform.

Step 1
Firstly, find any friends already on the network. Facebook uses an email address matching system to track down your contacts. It’s a clever process that will save you a great deal of time.

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Step 2
Next you’ll need to fill in your profile information. This will help your contacts find you. It will also enable others to get to know you more or start a conversation with you.

Step 3
The third step is less important. You could use this opportunity to follow people of great interest to you, such as public figures, sports stars, entrepreneurs and so forth.
How to create a facebook profile (Screen 4)

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Step 4
The fourth and final stage requires you to add a profile picture. It is important to use a suitable image here. You can use a personal image if it represents you suitably; however a professional photo or a business related image would work best.

Business owners like to know who they are dealing with and many will search Facebook to find out who you are, what you look like, how you act, what you say and who you’re friends with. In most instances people will be just doing it as they’re nosey, but anything on your profile could have a negative impact on your business, so be careful.
How to create a facebook profile (Screen 5)

How to create a facebook profile (Screen 6)

This is the image that Danny Nevill uses as his profile picture; you will see that the picture is business orientated. This photo was taken when he won the Youth Entrepreneur of The Year Awards in 2012.

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Remember that old profile pictures are public unless you set them otherwise, so maintain professionalism throughout all areas of your profile by always choosing appropriate images.

Other Areas
At this stage, you have the basic Facebook profile set up, but there are many other areas that you should also complete. People will understand you more as a person and customers will build a relationship and feel comfortable in knowing that you have some similar interests or experiences. Whilst we want people to view the business pages, it’s inevitable that people will view your personal page as well.

Privacy Settings
It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the privacy settings available. At the top right of the screen click the small cog image. You’ll see a drop down menu where you can access a number of settings, including privacy. Here you will be able to turn on timeline review (so you can approve tags before they appear on your profile), as well as set who can see various elements of your profile.

Cover Image
Facebook introduced cover photos in 2012. This is the large image at the top section of your Facebook profile. The best size for your image to be is 851 pixels in width by 315 pixels in height. Your banner image is a great place to add your business logo or an engaging image that presents you well.

Bear in mind that your cover image (as well as any old images) is always public even if you have other areas of your profile set as private.

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There are several small fields that will display information about you on the left hand side of your Facebook profile; the information you inputted in step two of the set up process will appear here. This is a great place for you to add your business information. People will click on your business name within this field or search for your business in Google to find out more.

How to create a facebook profile (Screen 7)

Be aware that other Facebook users can upload a photo of you online. There maybe instances that you will want to be untagged from a photo that presents you poorly or if you could be perceived to be in an unfavorable situation. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy for you to un-tag yourself. Simply click on the image uploaded and use the un-tag tool located on the right hand side.

Facebook makes it easy for you to find and add friends. Use the search bar at the top to find old school friends, business associates, colleagues and family.

How to create a facebook profile (Screen 8)

Once you find a friend, you will need to send them a friend request by clicking the ‘send request’ button.

You will find a list of your friends in your friends list at the top of your Facebook profile and on the left hand side of your Facebook profile page.

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Music, TV Shows, Movies & Books
These sections are less important for business purposes, however Facebook enable you to share your favorite things with the world. Although this is not business related, it always helps if you can draw upon similarities with someone in a meeting.

In the same way you share what music, TV shows, movies and books you like, you can also share which commercial and general pages you like. You can build relationships with other businesses by liking their Facebook Page. Likewise, you can encourage your friends to like your Page. Liking pages will notify your friends and they will be stored within the ‘likes’ section of your Facebook profile.

Getting others to like your business Facebook Page is a great method of increasing your brand awareness. The average Facebook user has around 130 friends, so you can begin to appreciate how things can begin to go ‘viral’.

You like your page, 130 of your friends are notified. Of those 130, 10 decide that they also like your page. Those ten people each have 130 friends. If ten of each of those groups then likes your page you will have acquired 101 page likes and the process can continue to ripple for a while.

Obviously this will quickly reach saturation, but initially you’ll be able to quickly build Page likes through this method.

Facebook groups are a means of engaging and communicating within online social communities with other people sharing your interests.

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Facebook groups are a great way to build relationships with other Facebook users. Some groups will require an invite while others are public. You can find groups on most subject matters which will allow you to find like-minded people. Facebook groups are a great place for you to attract new leads, customers or to build joint venture opportunities.

Remember that you should use social media to engage and discuss topics with friends and associates. Free advice, open questions, tips, sale notifications, sharing images, videos and quotations are all great methods to use Facebook and groups respectively without crossing that line over into direct selling which does not come across well on social media.

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Recent Activity
Your recent activity can be seen by others, so be careful with what you share and post publicly. You do have the option to then remove or hide any activities that you do not want others to see. In order to do this, simply go onto your profile, scroll down to the ‘Recent Activity’ section. Here you can delete any potentially damaging or private information.

Status Updates
As a member of the Facebook community, you will have the option to share your thoughts, images, audio and video with the world. Be careful with what you say and share as this could be public. As a business owner or if you’re looking for a job, you will need to avoid creating a negative online presence through rude or offensive comments, images that show you in a poor light or similar.

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