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How To Create A Facebook Page

How To Create A Facebook Page

This guide will show you how to create a Facebook Page.

How To Create A Facebook Page

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If you need to create a profile, please refer to our How To Create A Facebook Profile guide.

There are six types of Facebook page available. To get started, head over to, where you will see each type:
Facebook pages

Which Page Type Do You Need?

Local Business or Place
If you run a one off business that works in a specific area then it is best to create a local business listing.

Company, Organization or Institution
For larger business, or one that is targeting just an online audience, select the second option.

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Brand or Product
This type of page is appropriate for brands or products. Clothing ranges or specific products are the sorts of businesses who will use a Brand Page.

Artist, Brand or Public Figure
If you’re in a band and want to share your talent with the world, or plan on becoming a movie star, then this is the Page for you. If you run a PR company and want to publicise a client then select this option.

Record labels, TV stations or Game produces should create Entertainment Pages.

Cause or Community
Are you part of a charity, youth club or church? Then this is the page that you need.

Getting Started

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Once you have selected the best-suited page for your needs, it is time to set up and enter all of the required information to complete the Page creation process.

Follow the onscreen instructions and include all necessary information before agreeing to the Facebook Pages Terms and clicking ‘Get Started’.

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Once you have the basics of your Page created, you can complete the finer details to make your Page stand out.

A complete social media profile will not only ensure that your business is presented professionally online, but this will also enhance your chances of attracting likes and converting visitors into customers.

It is vital that you attract the right target audience to like and share your social media content.

Once someone has liked your Page, they will be notified with updates and new posts made. Essentially your Facebook Page is a great tool to promote and sell your services for free. This is achieved through regular engagement and updates.

Personalise Your Page

Cover Photo
Your cover photo is the large image at the top of the Page. It is essentially a header, so pick carefully. We’d recommend using a staff photo, product image, store premises or your logo.

Profile Image
A logo works best as a business profile picture. By using the right cover and profile images you are incorporating your brand into your Page.

This can take time, but make sure you fill this section in as extensively as possible. Write a great introduction to your business, company or brand which concisely explains your purpose.

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You’ll also be able to include links to other social media profiles, opening times, and contact details.

You will be able to use your Facebook page to its full ability once it receives over 30 likes. Invite friends and family initially to reach this total, and then you’ll be able to access aspects such as page data, manage users and more.

Just like your personal Facebook profile, you can create posts on your Facebook Page. Your updates will appear in the newsfeed of people who have liked your Page.

Be careful with what you post and keep content useful and interesting. Anything which doesn’t engage your followers can affect your EdgeRank score and make your posts less likely to appear in newsfeeds.

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