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How Google+ Circles Work

How Google+ Circles Work

This guide is designed to inform you of how Google ‘circles’ work, the benefits of circles and how you should be embracing Google circles to their full extent.

How Google+ Circles Work

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Circles are designed to work very much in the same way as a traditional relationship would. You can share circles with friends, family, associates and groups with interests of a similar taste to your own.

Circles allow you to assign individuals to specific groups of association, such as friends, family and colleagues. Segregation and organisation enables you as a Google Plus user to have a conversation and share certain topics with the correct group and at the right time.

When posting within your Google Plus page you can select whether you want everyone in the world to access that information, whether you want just a specific group to receive that post, or if you want a private post to go to one person in particular. It can all be achieved through Google circles.

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