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Google+ Privacy & Security Settings

Google+ Privacy & Security Settings

This guide will help you keep certain aspects of your Google+ account private if required as well as the best practices to keeping your account secure.

Google+ Privacy & Security Settings

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Email Privacy

The Google+ network is a globally accessible space with members from all over the world participating in groups, hangouts and more. The standard Google+ profile settings enable people to contact you via a Google email address. Whilst this is not your actual email address, which is displayed, there is no question that you could receive a serious amount of spam if this option is not disabled.

Follow this simple process to disable this option:

  • Log into your Google+ account
  • Click the gear icon located in the top right of your screen
  • Select the ‘Google+ settings’ option
  • Select ‘profile and privacy’
  • Edit visibility
  • Uncheck the ‘allow people to email me from a link on my profile option’
  • Click ‘save’ and you’re done!
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Disable Post Re-sharing

Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ allows you to prevent others from sharing your posts. This is a great feature for those that wish to retain control over how far their messages spread and who receives them.

For instance you may share an update with people at work and you don’t want this message to leave that particular circle. Or perhaps you want to use your family circle to privately share holiday snaps. By disabling the sharing option you will be able to prevention this.

Another example is that you have two separate client circles within Google+, one for ‘current clients’ and another for ‘prospective clients’. You won’t want promotions or special current client offers to leak out to your prospective clients.

Two-Step Verification

Google encourages all of its users to use a two-step verification process when logging into accounts. Two-step requires for you to have access to your phone as well as your username and password. Many find this inconvenient and typically opt to use the traditional means of just a username and password.

Using a two-step verification process reduces malicious log in attempts significantly as any hacker will be aware that they require access to your mobile phone in order to log in.

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Google+ gives you the option to block problematic or disruptive users. Public disputes can be very damaging and an argument on social media is like the modern equivalent of a screaming match in the supermarket. People will notice. To avoid such dispute and to eliminate the hassle associated with such users, use the block option.

Location Sharing

Whilst sharing your location through Google+ and other social networks may be seen as harmless fun, there is no doubt that you are increasing the risk of your home or office being broken into.

Remember that the internet is easily accessible and informing criminals that you are away will enable them to attack your property without confrontation from you, the home owner. We would advise that you never share your home address to avoid this.

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