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Google+ Marketing Strategies

Google+ Marketing Strategies

This guide will help you make full use of Google for commercial purposes.

Google+ Marketing Strategies

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Millions of people have Google+, but very few use their accounts effectively, if at all. Google is pressing to make Google+ an important social media channel but this is proving to be quite a challenge with great providers such as Facebook and Twitter already well established.

In order for Google to grow its market share they are adding other benefits to those that use the platform. Websites linked to Google+ pages will appear higher in search rankings. As you may be aware, search rankings are a source of free traffic and most successful businesses rank well within search engines.

Whilst higher search rankings are a great incentive to use the platform, Google+ also enables you to market your business within the Google+ community and by indexing your profile within its search results you have an additional opportunity to generate more traffic and leads.

Google+ is still fairly new and there are less proven strategies than the other platforms, nonetheless, it is clear that more businesses are using it, and where businesses collect, there is always an opportunity for you to do business.


As a Google+ account holder, you have the opportunity to join and invite people to your circles. A circle is collective place where you can manage and communicate with a specific group of people.

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For instance, one circle may contain just friends and family where you can share photos and videos quickly and easily. Another circle may include new start-up businesses. These are the types of groups that you will want to make yourself familiar with and join. There are few better ways of making your business known than to join a network of businesses that are looking for their first or new service providers.

Join circles, speak openly and privately with members of the group and do not be scared to give some free advice, this will make others want to work with you.

Local Circles

Joining circles with other local business owners will increase your local brand awareness and ensure that people around you know where you are based. It is expected that Google will use data from its social media service to increase the rankings of those with great engagement and a quality following.


As with all social media websites and content transfer in general, images can make a great impact on the companies overall online presence. Use images that are engaging, creative, and inspirational, of your team, offices and events. These are all related to your business, they build emotional connections with your audience and your brand, plus people tend to share them, which leads to even greater exposure!

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Link your Google+ account to your website address. Use Google+ to attract and engage users and let your website convert those visitors into sales.

Many people make the mistake in assuming that sales happen on social media websites. Whilst this can happen, social media should be used as an engine to drive quality traffic to your website. This is achieved through conversation and engagement. Use social media for customer service and sharing things which might interest your target market.


Posting a daily or weekly tip on Google+ can build your personal or companies brand very quickly. This not only helps prospective clients, but it also identifies you as an expert within your field.

People tend to share tips with other friends and associates, thus widening your attentive audience as well as attracting more potential customers and followers. To succeed in business, it is likely that you will need to give, before you receive.

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