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Google Plus Engagement

Google+ Engagement

This guide aims to help you engage and covert your audience effectively through Google Plus.

Google+ Engagement

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As with all social media marketing there are certain techniques that can be used to maximise its full potential. Unfortunately most business owners do not set up their Google+ pages effectively for search, and this seriously limits its potential and the benefits that can be gained from it.

The more engaging your Google+ profile is, the more link juice will be passed onto your website.

Page Optimisation

Your Google+ page name followed by ‘Google +’ will be used as the meta title for when your page shows up in search results. If you are unfamiliar with this term, a meta title is essentially the page title that shows up in search engine results.
The meta description (the page description that follows the meta title in search results) will be filled with whatever you enter as the description for your Google+ page. Google will automatically limit this to 160 characters when it is displayed within their search results, so include as much as you like but include the most important points within the first few sentences.

Google Plus

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Shares are particularly influential in boosting your Google+ pages value, ranking and the amount of link juice that is passed onto your website. However getting other Google+ users to share you content is not easy. In order to achieve this you will need to build quality circles of users who are likely to be interested in what you post. Professionals within your industry, people that use and are likely to be potential users of your product or service, are all people that you want in your circles. Sharing information, images, videos, audio and so forth is what will spark social attention towards your profile and brand.


In case you are unaware, a +1 is Google’s equivalent of a Facebook like. A poor quality audience with irrelevant users within your circles will not spark ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, only through profile selection, engagement, communication and quality posts will you attract Google +1s.


There is no better way to build relationships than through communication, whether that is vocal or electronic communication. The world depends on people. It is important to always remember that people buy from people.

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Post Links

The majority of links shared and used within Google+ and other social media accounts are classed as no-follow. No-follow links work the same as any other link except that they inform search engines not to pass any link value through it. Despite this, be sure to share links to your website and its content with others within the Google+ community. Although it is argued that a no-follow link is of little value, we would suggest that it will add search-ranking value. We increased the number of no-follow links pointing to Nevill Media and we saw an increase in our search rankings. An all do-follow link profile looks un-natural and many of the best websites will only provide ‘no-follow’ links. Try it yourself and measure the results.

Interaction Techniques

The following methods have proven to engage an audience terrifically, and while they are more direct than other approaches, they tend to be the best way to increase the awareness of your Google+ page and website ranking.

Mention People in a Post
By mentioning a specific person in a post you increase the likelihood of that person clicking the ‘+1’ button by interesting them to see what you

have been discussing. A notification will appear in the user’s Google bar once they have been mentioned within your post. This will ensure awareness of your action.

Showing an interest in other people’s posts is a great way to increase engagement and build relationships. People appreciate recognition and others will see you as an approachable individual.

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