Facebook Shares

There are many benefits of Facebook shares. This guide is designed to enhance your understanding of shared content and the positive effects that this can have on both your Facebook page and business.

Facebook Shares

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People love to share their experiences, purchases and the places they have been. So how can your business utilise this desire to share? Posting shareable content and making your Facebook updates share ready is an essential part of the overall Facebook marketing process.

Each Facebook page has its own authority, known as EdgeRank. This is an algorithm designed to ensure that the newsfeed is made up of quality posts. Shares and likes are two key measurements that Facebook uses to gauge your page authority. The more engaging your posts are (the more likes, shares and post clicks) the higher up the Facebook newsfeed your future updates will appear, which leads to greater exposure.

Your social presence and activity used to make very little impact on your websites overall search ranking, but now your EdgeRank and other social media metrics are beginning to take effect. Businesses with a large following and regular engagement with customers should rank higher than those with hundreds of directory listings; it makes complete sense for Google and other search engines to rank popular brands higher within search results.

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Asking for Shares

Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your content. It isn’t considered offensive if you kindly suggest something ( “if you enjoyed this article, please share it with friends and associates” or “share this image if you know someone that needs cheering up”). These few words can help prompt interaction.

Facebook and search engines will see shared and liked content as popular postings. The more popular your Facebook page and overall social media activity is, the higher your website will rank within search.

Viral Content

Videos and images are proving the best forms of ‘share bait’. Both types of Facebook updates are often liked, frequently commented on and generally shared with friends and associates more than any other form of Facebook update. It is advised that you post images and videos which are related to your brand or industry as this will emphasise your services far more than a video of a kitten.

While shares are great, your posts should be selected carefully to enhance your brand and not posts which could negatively impact your brand’s representation.

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