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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies

This guide is will teach you about the various Facebook marketing strategies at your disposal.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the past 5 years, you will be aware that Facebook is the world’s dominant social media platform with millions of members logging in every day to check their statuses, chat with friends and share content such images, videos and information.

All of this is well and good, but how do you encourage this vast number of users to engage with your business rather than doing the usual things they do. Well there is an art to effective social media marketing and for some businesses; certain techniques and strategies will work better than others. Although you won’t know what works best until you implement, alter and analyse the performance of each one.

Below we have listed a number of practical Facebook marketing strategies that you should try and test.

Facebook Stalking

The title of this strategy is designed to capture your attention; much like the strategy does itself. I do not want you to be lead to believe that we suggest you literally stalk people on Facebook as this would be a bit disturbing.

A great marketing professional named Scott Campbell once shared this strategy and the success he and his clients had experienced through it. As with all great marketing concepts, we used it ourselves to see whether it made a positive impact on our business and it did!

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Facebook Stalking
Facebook stalking is rather simple. The concept is to follow / like / become friends with people on Facebook that also attend your networking events and are on your current clients and prospective clients lists. Once you are engaged with these users, it’s your responsibility to share, like and comment on their content, not only will this help them with their Facebook presence, but it will begin to build a relationship between you both. You will learn more about their business and as the recipient they will begin to grow fond of you and your support.

It is a great strategy as it is mutually beneficial and both gain from greater exposure and potential work. Avoid getting over indulged in liking everything that person posts though as this will devalue the weight of each like and comment you make.

You will find that your relationship grows with that person and you will have several areas to discuss each time you meet.

Shareable Content

A great method of boosting your brand awareness is through posting shareable content. This can include; links to blog posts, infographics, images, videos and audio files.

Through our experience we have found that images and videos are the most viral contents to share online. However, we have been able to accurately identify that this changes with business to business.

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Everyone loves a picture, you could share images of your staff, of your colleagues enjoying themed holidays, industry related images that are humorous, of board meetings and so forth? These will give people who might have an interest such as prospective clients an insight to your business, a greater understanding of the company through engagement with the business.

It’s evident that Facebook users also enjoy video content; video is easily accessible on Facebook and can be shared within seconds. Create a comical or engaging video on your subject or provide a detailed and informative video that people will watch, like and share. This is the information age after all.

Private Messaging

Facebook enables you to send private messages to your followers. The key here is to send a private message with an ‘exclusive’ special offer just for your most engaged and interactive Facebook followers.

Always begin with a compliment when you contact this portion of your followers, do not plough in with a sales ploy, make it clear why you are thanking them, what they have been doing that you are so appreciative and how you suggest a means for them to be rewarded via a special offer.

Through personal contact, you will build a special relationship with this section of your fans. They will be aware that you notice what they are doing to help you and their interest with your brand. It is vital to look after your most engaged, interactive and supportive Facebook users so that you keep them loyal to your business.

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Once your most engaged sector have received and understood your compliments, they will be open and willing to discuss or listen to what else you have to offer. By offering these customers a genuine saving or an added benefit to your packages or products, they are more likely to buy from you and in return appreciate you for looking after them.

Selling Items Under £99

Most businesses struggle to sell through social media. There seems to be two type of business owner, those that just sell, sell, sell and whose audience gets fed up with being sold. Then there are those who are just a bit ‘too’ nice. They post updates, speak with users, help their audience, but never ask for a sale, promote a product or service and wonder why sales aren’t coming in.

In order to be successful at selling on social media you need to have the complete strategy, and this begins with what you are offering. If your product or service is complicated to buy, with too many unanswered questions, too many variations to choose from and your customer is left with too many uncertainties then you will not win many sales.

Your packages need to be easy to buy or order online. This can be achieved through e-commerce systems or simple enquiry forms. Through our experience we have noticed that products under £99 tend to be far easier to sell. Most people have £99 or less freely available to spend and the majority of people will not need to justify their purchase with themselves or peers.

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People also feel more comfortable with exchanging £99 or less through the internet, once you move into the hundreds and thousands, more questions will need answering, more security, availability and assurance will be required to secure a sale, let alone the justification process taking much longer.

Create a few products which are valued under the £100 mark and you will find much more attention is given to your offering.

Apart from prices and your offering, the biggest mistake we see on social media is how people sell products. Most business owners or social media marketers sell products incorrectly. They sell the blanket and not the warmth. In essence, they tell you that the car is red, with four wheels and leather interior, rather than telling you that the cars sleek lines stand out in racing red, that the car has immense grip which holds the car to the road through its 4 wheel drive system, and the hand stitched leather is one of a kind as it took 3 months to gain the rich cream leather texture.

It is vital that you sell the benefits and not the stats; people are not enticed by stats, as this does not describe the experience. An experience is emotional and emotion is the best way to receive a full price for your products or services.

Discount Leaders

This is a relatively new concept, which was shared with me 3 years ago by a marketing specialist named Warren Knight. His platform Gloople was similar to other ecommerce systems, however Gloople was built to work on social media platforms with a number of unique strategies to increase social sales. A great feature of this platform is its social sharing ‘discount’ process.

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The Gloople platform enables you to offer a small discount of 3% if the customer shared their purchase on social media platforms. This is a great strategy to use in order to build brand awareness. Referrals are the most powerful form of marketing, and a referral that goes out to hundreds of people is certainly the best referral that money can buy.

You do not need a Gloople system to get something like this set up. You can either use a manual process by providing an independent refund to those that share their purchase.

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