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Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes


Facebook Likes

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Facebook users ‘like’ pages, comments, photos and videos, but very few people and business owners fully understand the importance and the benefits of these ‘likes’.

Facebook likes are often perceived as a novelty by the average user. As a commercial user, you will understand that there is usually a reason for a certain engagement or feature.

Below are a number of Facebook likes benefits, and the value that they can bring to your business.

Brand Awareness

Regardless of whether you own a small local business or operate a large enterprise, brand awareness is essential for long-term success. People and businesses tend to favour brands over unknown outfits.

You need to build your brand in order to gain a strong foothold within your market sector. A powerful brand will enable you to achieve this. People liking your Facebook page, the comments your company makes, the pages your company likes and so forth are all methods to build your brand awareness through Facebook. Essentially, the more quality page likes that you have the better.

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Facebook is not just about having a presence and making a post now and then. While this is better than not having a presence at all, your business will not truly benefit from the opportunities available if this is all you do.

Communication with your audience is where you will make your sales. Through conversation you can discuss the features and most importantly the benefits of your products and services.

Engagement helps to build brand presence. By regularly posting interesting comments, answers and questions you will naturally attract likes, both on those posts and your page in general.

Sharing images and videos will also help to attracting new likes and shares which will mean that more and more people will see your brand expand.

Search Rankings

There has been much debate over whether social activity will effect search rankings. Whether likes, shares and your overall Facebook authority impacts upon your websites search ranking has often been questioned, but we would like to state categorically that they do – and quite rightfully so, in our opinion. Brands will have quality page likes and active Facebook users engaging with them on a regular basis. Through social marketing and Facebook authority, search engines are able to identify more established brands and in turn rank those websites higher within search.

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Once you have over 30 likes you will gain access to Facebook insights, this will provide you with a detailed understanding of how many people see your posts, the frequency of likes and the weekly, monthly and annual page activity with graphical analytical reports which enable you to understand the data quickly and easily.

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