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Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

This guide is looks at how analysing Facebook insights can prove invaluable for your business and social media strategy.

Facebook Insights

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There is little point in running a social media campaign on Facebook unless the person managing it uses the data provided by Facebook.

Facebook provides you with access to the insights toolbar once you have generated over 30 page likes.

Through the Facebook insights tool bar you can view information relating to your fans such as age, demographics, interests and much more. This data enables you to draw an accurate conclusion as to who your target audience truly is. You can apply some of this data to other marking campaigns as well. For instance, if you knew that the majority of your customers are 35 years of age, mostly of the female sex, live in Edinburgh and love comedy, then it would make great sense to create marketing material that reaches out to that target audience. You will notice exceptional results will occur once your marketing is aligned to the intended customer.

The Toolbar

There are four main sections to the Facebook insights toolbar, of which include:

The overview tab enables you to take a 7-day review of the most important activity within your page. See what has and what has not been going well for your page and its users.

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Through the pages tab, you can see how your fan base has expanded since the page was established and how people are engaging with your page.


Dive into astonishing data; draw a clear comparison between the performances of your posts. Find out when your fans are on Facebook, your most effective posts and whether people are clicking and liking your posts.

This section makes it possible for you to understand your audience easier. Find out how your fans are liking, sharing and commenting on your posts.


Understanding how people engage with your content is an essential component of maximising the performance of your campaigns. Facebook insights, provides you with the majority of information that you need in order to create a powerful and successful online campaign. Try, test and measure various social media marketing strategies in order to ‘see’ what works best. Factual data enables you to make smart decisions as to what you should and should not be doing on Facebook.

If you see large spikes in ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ then you’re clearly doing something right, if you see a plummet in activity, then you may want to consider not using that strategy again and focus on beneficial methods of brand awareness and product / service promotion.

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