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Facebook Engagement Optimisation

Facebook Engagement Optimisation

This guide is designed to help you understand the essentials of Facebook engagement optimisation.

Facebook Engagement Optimisation

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Facebook uses ‘EdgeRank’ to determine how often your updates are seen. A poor EdgeRank would mean that much of your audience is missing out on the content that you post. EdgeRank is built through engagement of quality content.

The time, place, day, context, question and media contained within your posts will engage your audience differently. Knowing how, when and what to post is essential in building a high scoring EdgeRank, in essence, the more you involve your audience, the more supportive Facebook will be in promoting what you post.

All of these factors will vary dependent upon your industry, however through data analyses, we have been able to draw some definitive conclusions aligned with the points made above as to what you should be doing to boost your EdgeRank through fan engagement.

Time of the Day

We have seen that a large number of professionals access their Facebook accounts at lunch time; this is a great time to link a Facebook update with a blog post as people will read the content during their lunch break.

It’s also apparent that most Facebook users are logged on between 6pm and 11pm in the evening, this may seem obvious due to the traditional 9am-5pm working day, however this reminds you not to post content between the hours of 2pm and 5.30pm when everyone is at or traveling home from work.

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The location of your updates is less important on Facebook than on other social platforms such as Twitter, however we have found that content posted live while at events or seminars tends to receive more engagement than other updates.

We also saw an increase in engagement by posting updates from interesting locations, so test and try different places to see what works best for you.

Day of the Week

Monday is the best day to post new content; it would appear as though most Facebook users spend a large proportion of time on the network straight after the weekend to see what everyone else has been up to.

Thursday is the worst day to post new content, it is believed that Friday is the beginning of the weekend and many people have Fridays and Sundays as their days off, so Thursday seems as though it is a day that everyone works the hardest and longest with less time for Facebook.

People must be in a good mood on Tuesdays as this is also the best day to ask for friends, family and associates to like your Facebook page.

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Consistency in how your updates are posted also helps, people begin to understand sarcasm, humor and opinions through consistent writing styles, people also begin to familiarize and relate to the author of your posts so try to stick to one social media manager for optimum engagement.


Open questions can spark great discussion, but be sure to steer the conversation in the direction you want because it could very easily loose its way and dis-engage your audience.


Engage on a personal level with your followers. Ask questions, answer questions, give free advice, be open yet professional with people, this will add personality to your brand and give customers confidence to speak with you themselves.


Posting images, infographics, video and audio files is great way to engage your audience. Facebook is continually making it easier for people to post and share feature rich content.

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