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Facebook Apps

Facebook Apps

This guide is designed to provide you with an insight to Facebook apps, how they are used for business purposes and how to set up or create your own Facebook app.

Facebook Apps

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Facebook introduced apps to enhance the overall Facebook experience for its users. Developers can create their own apps but they must comply with the Facebook policies.

Typical Facebook apps include games and music sharing systems but, to borrow a phrase, there is an app for (almost) everything.

Benefits of Using a Facebook App

Promotion Compliance
Facebook has a strict promotion policy and this is likely to become more stringent as it looks to increase profits through promotional apps and its advertising network.

Viral Tools
Apps enable you to market content more effectively. Through the use of an app called Sweepstake Plus, you can encourage fans to share offers with friends. This will increase brand awareness and engage the audience that has liked your Facebook page.

Like Gating
There is a multitude of marketing strategies to attract Facebook users to like your page, however one of the most successful processes is known as ‘like gating’. This is where a Facebook user is asked to like a Facebook page in order to compete in a Facebook competition. There are apps readily available that will enable you to do this effectively.

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Email Marketing
Whilst Facebook is a great means of contacting and engaging your target audience, means of contact is required to turn those prospects into sales.

Through Facebook you can run a contest that requires a user to provide an email address. This will enable you to build a relationship and offer personalised promotions. Third party Facebook apps are easy to set up with your campaign information. These apps include marketer’s favorites such as TabSite, which will help you run and manage your campaigns with simple options and easy access.

Businesses with a Facebook app are perceived to be much larger companies than those without one. This will enhance your overall brand presence and give your customers confidence in who they dealing with. Customers aim to avoid risk at all costs and many only deal with brands that they have heard of for this reason.

Build your brand awareness to increase customer’s confidence in dealing with your company.

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