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The Value of a Top Ranking

The Value of a Top Ranking

Learn how real people use search engines and the value of a top ranking.

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Design for the User

An essential component of any successful SEO campaign is to design and build a ‘sticky’ web page. Always remember to build your website for users and not search engines. Whilst search engines focus on components such as links in order to rank your website, the ultimate aim of the search engine is to deliver great content to its users and this is where even a well marketed website can fail. Search engines focus their attentions on user experience and how users engage with your website, so if users are bouncing from your website then this will be a clear indication to the search engine that the user was not pleased by the site.

Design never used to have much effect on website rankings; however it is now proving to be a key component. Users now expect nicely designed, well-constructed web pages that contain great content and concise information. If your website falls short in any of those areas it is likely that dissatisfied visitors will bounce and surf elsewhere.

For optimum results you should design, build and word all of your content towards your target market. This way your marketing efforts will attract users that expect to find the content that’s displayed on your web page. In turn you will retain and convert those visitors. This simplistic, yet effective approach will ensure that all advertising and marketing expenditure is invested wisely while also indicating positive performance to search engines.

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Questions to ask yourself when designing your webpages.

  • Does the page look presentable?
  • Is all of the information the user requires contained within that page?
  • Does the page load quickly?
  • Is it clear what the page is about?
  • Would a splash of colour, imagery, video or audio improve the user experience?

All of these aspects should be considered so you can then refine your webpages with the user in mind. This may take some time but the positive impact will pay off ten-fold.

Online users typically have two core motivational purposes to search and these include:

  1. To make a transaction, there are a proportion of users that conduct searches to source products and services that they wish to buy.
    The majority of users are motivated to source information.
  2. Your web pages need to be aligned with the search query that someone is likely to use and your web pages need to meet those expectations.
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Why Focus Time and Money into SEO?

When we begin to consider the benefits successful SEO can bring to your site it soon becomes quite clear why it is important to spend time and money on it.

  1. A top ranking website creates a consumer perception that you are the best company.
  2. A first page search ranking can have enormous positive effects for your business. A natural flow of enquiries or sales will enable you to grow and expand your business.
  3. An average first place ranking website on Google will receive 56.63% of the search traffic. To put this data into perspective, let’s say that a search term generates 10,000 visits per month, as the top ranking website you would receive 5,663 prospects visiting your website.
  4. There is no cost associated with natural search traffic whereas Pay Per Click advertising requires an investment. Based on the scenario in point (3.) we can estimate how much it would cost to generate as much traffic to your site through PPC advertising as it would through a natural first place ranking. So if there were 5,663 clicks per month at a typical click-cost of £0.75 the total monthly cost would be £4,247.25. That’s £50,967 per year! As you can see, a natural search engine ranking can save your business significant amounts of money.
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