Page Authority

In this guide you will learn how to measure page authority which factors influence it.

Page Authority

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Introduction to Moz

Moz is a leading search engine optimisation software company. They use a metric called Page Authority to calculate the authority of any given web page. Moz calculate Page Authority through their Mozscape index, which consists of multiple factors designed to enable webmasters and SEO specialists to compare the power of one web page against another.

Moz score a web pages authority out of 100. They use a logarithmic scale to build and measure points, this means that it is far easier for a website to go from 10 – 20 points out of 100, than it is to go from 60 – 70 points. Moz regularly update and tweak their algorithm to make sure they are in tune with the algorithm, therefore it’ likely that your Page Authority score will change regularly.

Page & Domain Authority

Page Authority is a measurement used to asses and compare the authority of an individual web page against another, whereas Domain Authority is a measurement of the overall URL strength and a far more effective way to compare to power of one website against another.

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How to Measure Page Authority

There are various search engine optimisation tools online that enable you to measure the Page Authority of web pages however it would be our recommendation to use the Moz Open Site Explorer tool. Be sure to check out some of the additional free tools that Moz enables you to use for free.

More on Page Authority

Moz calculates and scores a web pages authority based on how well it is expected to rank on The Page Authority score is created based upon several key metrics such as links, social engagement, content, page speed and many other components. On the whole it’s the best way to measure and track your SEO efforts and how authoritative your web pages are becoming.

You can also use the Open Site Explorer tool to assess your webpages authority against your competitors and compare key metrics. Once you identify these metrics you are then able to understand whether your competitors are more powerful, what metrics the competition are exceeding in and how you can develop your website to outperform theirs.

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Page Authority or Domain Authority

On the whole Domain Authority is certainly the most important metric to enhance. Whilst Page Authority is very important, your Domain Authority acts as an anchor / bench mark as to how well your site and pages will rank on the whole. Sites such as Wikipedia have 100/100 Domain Authority and this is a key factor as to why all of their web pages rank well. In summary, for long-term success and overall online authority it is certainly best to focus on developing your websites Domain Authority.

How to Increase Your Page Authority

Unfortunately it’s not easy to influence your Page Authority because there are various metrics that affect this measurement. The reason why it’s difficult to influence your Page Authority is because Moz has built a great tool which is incredibly in line with the search algorithm. Whilst this may frustrate you initially, once your website is successful and authoritative, competitors will be unable to muscle their way into your market easily.

The most effective way to enhance your Page Authority is to improve your overall search engine presence. The most influential factor to date is your link profile. Gain links from reputable, trusted websites within your industry and you will soon find that your Page Authority score increases. Websites that have thousands of links pointing to it are the best sites to earn a link from.

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