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MozTrust is similar to MozRank, except it measures the trust aspect rather than the popularity of a link. A website whose link portfolio contains trusted sources tends to rank highly. Trusted websites include school, college, university, government websites as well as reputable news sites. These links, which are seen as recommendations, encourage search engines to deliver your content to its users as it is considered to be trusted.

Search engines assume that trusted websites would only link to other trustworthy sources because the reputation of both parties is at risk if they don’t.

How Your MozTrust Score Is Produced

Moz is a leading provider of search engine optimisation tools. They keep ahead by studying the algorithmic changes and developments made by search engines and making sure that your MozTrust score reflects how searches interpret the value of a link.

Moz calculate the ‘link distance’ between your web page and a trusted source. For instance, a direct link from a government or university website would carry great trust value to your website while a link that has travelled through several websites to get to yours will be less trust worthy. Whilst the trust is clearly there (as we’ve established, trusted websites would only link to other trusted websites), as the link travels down the pecking order it is logical to assume that the website at the end is less trustworthy than the first site linked to.

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MozTrust is a calculated score which enables you to clearly identify the trustworthiness of your website in comparison to another. This knowledge will enable you to measure SEO progress and developments made. The rank is from 0 to 10, so the higher your website scores, the better.

How To Identify MozTrust

The open site explorer tool enables you to compare your MozTrust with other domains. You should also use the MozTrust tool to identify other trusted websites. By doing this you’ll know whether a site is considered trustworthy, and therefore if it is worth trying to get a link from.

Best Practice

In order to build your MozTrust score, you will need to do some homework. Find well-trusted websites (others with a good MozTrust score) and do whatever it takes to gain a link from them. Remember, it is likely that only trusted websites will link to other trusted websites, so you will first need to build your own website’s trust.

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