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Search engine experts Moz developed a page rank popularity score called MozRank.

MozRank uses the quantity and quality of inbound links to determine the value of the web page; the more influential the links pointing to the page, the higher the page’s score on a scale of 0 to 10.

Webpages on sites like Wikipedia and the BBC are likely to have a MozRank of 8 or more, whereas most web pages will rank around 2 or 3.

The Technical Explanation of MozRank

MozRank is designed to enable website owners to understand how popular their web pages are. The algorithm is able to differentiate between sites with thousands of poor quality inbound links and those with fewer, higher quality links. This clever design allows us to accurately compare our web pages to others in much the same way search engines do.
It’s important to remember that both Google and Moz assess links as marks of approval. The more links that are contained within one web page will dilute the approval. Essentially, if you were to recommend everyone, your opinion wouldn’t count for much.

How to Increase Your MozRank

The best way to increase a web page’s MozRank is by generating quality links from other web pages to yours. Not all of these links need to be from major authorities, although this would certainly help. Links from websites with reasonably good authority will also impact your MozRank and improve your overall web page ranking.

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Tools to Measure Your MozRank

Tools such as Open Site Explorer enable you to accurately identify and measure your website’s backlink profile. Open Site Explorer is also incredibly useful in helping you source high quality links that your competitors have been able to obtain. Once you know what successful competitors are doing in order to rank well within the search results, you can apply this knowledge and boost your own websites search ranking.

The logic is that if your website has similar contents, a similar link profile, a similar page loading speed and a similar social profile, then surely your website should experience similar results. This should ensure that SEO is implemented effectively and that time is invested wisely on building links that work for your industry.

Another great SEO tool is MozBar . This tool allows you to identify the power of a competitor with ease through a quick indication of the site’s page and domain authority.
These metrics will give you an understanding of how powerful the site is. For a more in-depth understanding and a detailed comparison, we would recommend the Open Site Explorer tool.

External Links

External links play a key factor in web page ranking. MozRank identifies and calculates the values of these links to build an overall portfolio. Google deems web pages that have the most external quality links as the most popular web pages.
Each link is valued in accordance with the authority and popularity of the web page linking to your web page.

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Unique Domain Level Links

It is not just the quantity of links that affect your website ranking, but also the number of unique domains that link to your website. For instance, a link from and the would count as two unique links but one unique domain link.

A link from and one from would mean that you have built two links from two unique domain names.

MozRank assesses the value of each unique domain link individually; one link from the BBC could carry as much weight as 250 links from other websites. In the same way, two links from unique domains are likely to outweigh 10 links from the same domain.

MozRank Passed

MozRank also assesses the weight of any given link. This enables us to assess the true value of each. Duplicate link creation or a vast number of links within the page will dilute the worth of that page.

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