Google Places

Google Places is just one of the many tools provided by Google that can help you increase your search engine ranking.

Google Places

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Listing your business with Google Places not only increases your websites visibility within search, but it also confirms with Google that your business and website is a professional, ongoing concern.

Your Google Places listing is one of the only ways to verify with Google that your business is located where it says it is. This is because Google themselves send out a postcard to the address you list as your office or house hold residence. By verifying your location you are in effect building trust with Google, giving them an indication that your business is honest and truthful.

Google will use your Google Places listing to help users find your business, especially if they are searching for companies in that area.

There are two core benefits to a Google Places listing: enhanced Google search results, and traffic through Google Maps. Please find examples below:

Google Places

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Google Places

Listing your business with Google is simple and a completely free service. Just follow this link to get started:

If you are a local business then a Google Places listing can have a highly positive impact on your overall online presence. Verifying your location with Google will ensure that your business receives a prioritized search listing, as Google aims to deliver the most relevant and highest quality search results each and every time.

Make sure you fill out all fields when completing your Google Places listing. Incomplete fields or missed information can decrease the impact of your listing, whereas a fully completed form will provide all the required information that Google and its users needs when searching for companies online.

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