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Content Is King

Content Is King

In this guide you will learn the importance of following best practices regarding content creation.

Content Is King

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If you have invested some of your time learning the best practices of search engine optimisation then you will of heard the term ‘content is king’. All leading experts have used this term over the past 10 – 15 years and there is still no doubt that content remains king even today. Throughout countless SEO developments, it has never been doubted that your websites content is one of the most influential search ranking factors.

Why Is Content King?

The reason why content is king is quite simple; because of Google.

Google wants to deliver the highest quality and most relevant content to its users. In order for your website to be delivered to Google’s users, you must have quality website content.

Google tends to measure the quality of a web pages content on a number of levels, of which include:

  • Length of time users spend on a web page.
  • Number of shares and likes a page receives.
  • Number of links a page has received.
  • How engaged users are with your content.
  • Whether users navigate to other pages within your website or leave.
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Applying the ‘Content Is King’ Principle to Your Website

At the end of the day, the majority of internet users are online to find information. Regardless of whether this information is conveyed through video, text, audio or imagery.

Bearing this in mind, you should focus on developing your websites overall online experience and the information provided.

Your content must contain quality information and it should seek to engage readers. These factors will enable you to create quality content within your own website.

The Future

It is evident that content is essential for successful website rankings. Going forward it is expected that video will be the leading source of online content, meaning that you will need to invest in video production equipment or hire a professional video production company.

However you decide to deliver your content it is vital that you remember quality will always trump quantity, and that users are going to judge you and your site based on the content you provide them with.

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