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Pencil Tool

Pencil Tool


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The Pixlr pencil tool is most heavily used by those with creative flair.

There is no doubt that the pencil tool is a more advanced option than many of the other tools available. To create a freehand design it can be really useful, and produce good effects by emulating drawing techniques.

This is likely to be of little interest to the majority of people, however this is one of many tools that graphic designers use to create their bespoke and extraordinary pieces.

Pixlr’s version of the pencil tool provides you with 6 different options all of which enable you to use the tool for multiple design purposes and to fulfill several creative requirements.

1. Plain

Pencil Tool (Screen 1)

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2. Sketchy

Pencil Tool (Screen 2)

3. Trail

Pencil Tool (Screen 3)

4. Shaded

Pencil Tool (Screen 4)

5. Sticky

Pencil Tool (Screen 5)
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6. Ink

Pencil Tool (Screen 6)

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