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Marquee Tool

Marquee Tool


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The marquee tool Marquee Tool (Screen 0.5) is designed to select a square or rectangular area. You can then copy that element either into the same canvas or a new one.

The marquee tool is particularly useful if you want to copy a specific segment but not everything.


In this example we are going to copy the text ‘Universal Web Design’ from this canvas and place it into a new canvas.

Marquee Tool (Screen 1)

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Select the marquee tool and begin to draw the space that you wish to copy.

Marquee Tool (Screen 2)

Once you have selected what you want to copy, simply copy this area using keyboard commands (press and hold ctrl then tap c) or right click on your mouse and selecting Copy.

Marquee Tool (Screen 3)

Next you’ll need to create a new canvas. To do this you will need to select ‘New Image’ from the File drop down.

Marquee Tool (Screen 4)
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Just set your desired canvas size in pixels and click OK.

Marquee Tool (Screen 5)

At this stage you will have a new blank space for you to use however you like: we’re going to paste the copied text into this canvas. Paste by using your keyboard controls (press and hold ctrl and tap v) or right click and select Paste.

Marquee Tool (Screen 6)

Once the paste process has been completed successfully, you will find the area that you copied neatly presented within the new canvas space. You’ll be able to move this around or add anything else you like to the new image.

Marquee Tool (Screen 7)
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