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Lasso Tool

Lasso Tool


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The lasso tool Lasso Tool (Screen 0.5) makes it easy for you to select a specific area within an image. From there, you can fill the space with a colour, copy for use within a new canvas or delete altogether.


In this example we want to create a bespoke image that incorporates a key feature from another file.

The first stage would require us to upload the image that contains the piece of artwork or element that we wish to select and copy. Once this image is uploaded to Pixlr you will need to select the lasso tool so that you can select that specific element.

Now use the lasso tool to draw around the aspect you wish to copy across to the new canvas.

Lasso Tool (Screen 1)

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Let’s assume that we wish to copy the yellow tulip that currently at the centre of the image. Click the lasso tool from the left hand side menu bar and begin to draw around the yellow flower.

You may want to zoom in to help with precision

Lasso Tool (Screen 2)

Once you have zoomed into the image, begin to draw around the element of your preference using the lasso tool. It should end up looking something like this.

Lasso Tool (Screen 3)
As you can see, we have tried to select just inside the edges of the flower with the lasso tool. This also helps significantly when copying the image and adding it to a new canvass.

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Once you have created a new canvas, simply paste the selected image.

By keeping within the boundaries of the image you’ll avoid accidently copying parts of the original picture that you didn’t want.

Lasso Tool (Screen 4)

Now that we are happy with what has been copied over, it’s time to add a background and some text.

Select the background layer, then chose the bucket tool. Fill the background with a colour of your preference. In this case we will use a fresh green to keep within the expected brand requirements.

Lasso Tool (Screen 5)

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By adding a background colour, the whole image begins to come together. The addition of text will complete the task.

Click the ‘A’ icon within the tool bar and select where you want to place your text.

The text editor makes it easy for you to select font sizes, styles and colours so play about with the options until you find what works best.

Lasso Tool (Screen 6)

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