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Introduction to Pixlr

Introduction to Pixlr


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Pixlr is a free photo and graphic editing tool, which was brought to the market by Ola Sevandersson to help people like you and I to modify images.

Pixlr contains many of the options included within Adobe Photoshop and while PS has greater functionality, for basic editing functions Pixlr is completely acceptable.

There are no initial purchase or subscription fees, all of your artwork is watermark free from the Pixlr logo, and the best part is that you can access the platform from any location with an internet connection as there is no software to download.

Who was Pixlr designed for?

Pixlr was initially designed and created for non-creative professionals that wanted a free platform to amend images using both basic and advanced options.

While Pixlr’s intentions and ambitions were relatively modest from the offset it quickly became a place to do so much more. Creative professionals began to use and test the possibilities available and it soon became evident that Pixlr was a well built, robust photo and graphic editing platform – far more than it was originally designed it for.

Nowadays small businesses, students and graphic designers all use Pixlr. Whether you want to edit a picture of you with friends or create a new logo, you can do it all with Pixlr.

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Pixlr is a free tool and they do not restrict how often or how much content you edit, but the platform itself has some drawbacks compared to image editing giant, Adobe Photoshop (which is probably how they justify the huge price tag).

Photoshop is designed for larger businesses that require a more advanced solution and creative professionals that use the entire Adobe Creative Suite. For most individuals and companies Pixlr will be a sufficient tool for completing the majority of your tasks.

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