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Fill Tool

The Pixlr fill tool is a simple and easy way to fill an entire area with the same colour. You could use the fill tool to drop colour to cover areas such as an entire background or into smaller areas.

First we’ll explain how to use the fill tool to fill the entire canvas with one colour.

To do this you will need to select the fill tool from the tool bar. Move your cursor over the canvas and left click to fill.

Fill Tool - Blank

Fill Tool - Black

If you wish to fill your canvas with another colour, just use the colour selector located on the left hand side.

Fill Tool - Colour Selector

You can use the selector to pick any colour or shade, or type in a hex colour code.

Fill Tool - Large Colour Selector

Use the circular ring to slide between colours and use the square in the middle to dictate the shade.

Fill Tool - Colour Selector - Green

Once you have chosen a colour, click OK. Then mouse over the canvas and click to fill the entire canvas.

Fill Tool - Green Canvas

An option you have is to use the opacity tool. This affects how strong the colour is. By applying a second colour with a lower opacity, you will be able to ‘mix’ the colours.

If you apply a second colour with a low opacity (around 20% is quite effective) in a new layer over a photograph or graphic you will be able to tint it slightly.

Fill Tool - Green Eyed White Tiger

Use the Layers window on the right hand side of the screen to create a new layer.

Fill Tool - Layers

Then just select a tint colour, set the opacity low, and click anywhere on the canvas.

Fill Tool - Opacity

Next we’ll add a colour to a logo with a white background.

Fill Tool - Colour Picker

Once the required colour has been selected, fill the background of the canvas by clicking the white space.

Fill Tool - Logo Canvas

Using the same tools we can also change the colour of the lettering.

Fill Tool - White Logo Canvas

As we are changing the colour of several detached aspects, we will need to un-tick the contiguous box in the toolbar at the top of the workspace. This enables you to select multiple elements of the same colour simultaneously.

Fill Tool - UWD Logo Selected

Now when we apply the fill tool it will affect all the selected aspects.

Fill Tool - UWD Logo in Green

There are many uses for the fill tool and how you use it will be down to your requirements and creativity.