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Cropping Images

Cropping Images


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You may already know what cropping is and how this is used to edit images, however, in case you’re not sure, cropping is simple a form of cutting down the size of an image or canvas. When we refer to the canvas we are talking about the overall background space available.

Cropping is used to remove excess canvas space or any unwanted contents from an image. Too much space around the logo or image is a frequent issue.

The crop tool can be used for any image or graphic and it is a fast and effective way to change the size.

The first step in this process is to visit the Pixlr website and upload the image that you want to crop.

Cropping Images (Screen 1)

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When you click through to the Pixlr editing suite you are given the option to upload your own image.

Cropping Images (Screen 2)

Once you have clicked the ‘open image from computer’ option, select the file you want to work on.

In this example we will be cropping the Universal Web Design logo. Select the image and click open.

Cropping Images (Screen 3)

At this stage you will need to select the crop icon from the tool bar on the left.

Cropping Images (Screen 4)
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Place your cursor (the activated crop tool) over the image, click and begin to drag the frame around the area that you wish to keep.

Cropping Images (Screen 5)
Once you’re happy with your selected area, simply press the enter button to crop.

Cropping Images (Screen 6)

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If you have selected an area, but maybe you need to move the wire frame very slightly to include or exclude an aspect, don’t worry, you don’t need to start this process again. All you need to do drag the corners until you’re happy.

Cropping Images (Screen 7)
As you can see, by using the cropping tool we have been able to remove the unnecessary text below the logo and reduce all canvas space that is not required.

Cropping Images (Screen 8)

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