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Colour Replacement Tool

The colour replacement tool can be really useful. Almost all images in magazines have been edited in one way or another to either suit a certain brand or to improve aesthetics.

Let’s assume that we wanted to add our branded colour scheme to the eyes of snow tiger displayed below. Without photo editing software we would not be able to achieve this.

Fortunately Pixlr is free to use. Without knowing which tools to use or skills to apply them correctly the results are likely to be poor. The colour replacement tool allows us to change the colour of the eyes whilst retaining shades.

The Process

The first you will need to upload the image that you wish to use and edit.

White Tiger

The next stage requires for us to select the entire canvas. To do this, simply press command or control and ‘A’.

Next, select the freehand lasso tool located near the top right hand corner of the tool bar on the left.

Using the freehand option makes selecting the area you’re working on easier. Slowly draw around the eye until both ends of the lasso link up.

To undo any mistakes, press and hold command or control and ‘Z’ at any time.

You should see a dotted line surrounding the area that you have selected.

White Tiger

Now it’s time to use the colour replace tool . Pick the colour you want to use and you’re nearly there.

Hover over the area you’ve selected. You’ll need to left click and drag the mouse over the whole area.

White Tiger

If you look closely you will be able to see that whilst the eye colour has changed, the detail has remained. You can change the colour of everything to anything you so wish it to be whilst retaining all elements of the texture.

You can use this tool to manipulate all sorts of images, both graphics and photographs.