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WooCommerce Splash Popup

The WooCommerce splash popup extension makes it incredibly simple and easy for E-commerce store owners to notify new, existing and logged in website users of new offers, notifications or a call to action. All of this is achieved through the simple use of a light-box.

The great feature of this plugin is that you are able to select unique pop-ups for each specific user group, whether that is; logged out users, logged in users or logged in customers. This not only provides you with the option to create three unique marketing messages, but it also enables you to be far more creative and personal with each.

In affect you could tell logged out users about your company or a simple seasonal welcome message, whilst your logged in users could receive a voucher code or a quick new product update, your logged in customers could receive a very personal welcome back message containing a few special offers. The opportunities are endless and it is down to your own creativity as to how they are used.

Through the WooCommerce splash popup extension you can set how long you wish for your cookies to last, this will ensure that users will not receive or be shown the same pop-up again for ‘x’ number of days – particularly useful to avoid disgruntling your regular website users. The cookie will last for up to 30 days by default, but you can set this to any period that is best suited to your potential customers.

There is even the option to enforce the pop up to appear each and every time regardless of cookie expiration and how frequently a visitor lands on your website. Whilst this may appear attractive to many initially, consider your websites user experience in the eyes of the customer. Ensure that your website is an easy, pleasant and safe place to browse and shop. Avoid cheap gimmicky tactics to bombard and overwhelm your customers as this will devalue your brand value and eventually annoy your website visitors.

We have seen this extension work particularly well for stores that offer bargains on selected products, and on sites that ask for a simple name and email from customers and prospects in order to sign up for their newsletters.