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WooCommerce Quick View

As you have most probably heard multiple times already by now, making the website users checkout and purchase experience as fast as possible is a key factor in making your online customers convert.

Remember that online consumers are using the internet to buy their goods or services for convenience and to save time. Make your websites shopping experience both convenient and easy for your customers to use.

The WooCommerce Quick View extension is one of many that WooCommerce offer to increase usability, engagement, convenience and the overall shopping experience for customers.

The WooCommerce extension adds a ‘quick view’ button to each of your product loops and this is what makes it possible for the extension to generate a detailed analysis, price, image, size options, quantities and add to basket feature all within a lightbox. This way the customer doesn’t even have to leave the page and they are able to add a product to their basket within seconds.

Using the WooCommerce quick view extension you are able to set whether you want a ‘quick view’ button added to your product loop or whether you would prefer for the quick view functionality to display once the ‘add to cart’ button had been clicked – the idea here is that it is seen to be a convenient means of showing details such as pictures and so forth.

You would need to trial the extension out and record results to determine whether or not this extension actually increases your product sales. However what you can guarantee is that the quick view extension will enhance the overall website user experience and engage your users further.