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WooCommerce Points & Rewards

Shoppers’ love rewards whether it’s online or offline. Unfortunately there are many online stores that do not provide points or rewards for their customers and they are missing out on future sales because of it.

It’s human nature not to waste. Whether that be food, money, heating electricity and everything in between. If your store is set up in such a way that customers are rewarded for purchases then they will subconsciously feel obliged or motivated not to waste their money. If a customer buys a necklace from your website for £100 and you reward that customer with a £5 or £10 voucher or code to reduce their next order, then it is highly likely that your customer will feel motivated to purchase from you again. Even if they do not, it’s human nature to not let such an opportunity be missed.

We’re not trying to force customers into buying products here, but what we are trying to do is to get customers back to your store to see what’s new and to take advantage of the reward that you have provided them with. At the end of the day, any small discount, voucher, account credit and so forth will be neglected and overlooked if you do not sell products that customers want. For instance if Claire’s Accessories were to give every man a personalised £5 voucher it would be highly unlikely that many vouchers would be used as there is no attraction for men to buy their products. Whereas if the offer was £5 off a round of golf at the local golf club then there would be a higher proportion of the audience that would redeem and take advantage of the offer you provide.

Modern marketing is about techniques and strategies that attract, influence and motivate customers to shop and return to your store. If your customer experience is not designed and tailored to fulfill those needs then you will be missing out on plenty of sales and return business. The WooCommerce points and rewards extension is one of the many systems that can help your business grow and increase sales.

This points and rewards extension enables you to reward your customers for current and past purchases with points that can be redeemed on future products that they order. The management interface makes it very easy for you to set conditions and amounts dependent upon the product and category, you can also set a maximum discount for future purchases.

If you do not wish to use points as your discount currency, you can use other terms such as tokens or coins, if neither of those suit your brand, you can always use your own creative name.

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension makes it very easy for you to manage allocated customer points from the WordPress dashboard. Furthermore the dashboard enables you to view a log of all points earned from the Points Log tab. If you have an unhappy customer or if a customer has supplied you with a testimonial and you wish to reward them with points, you can simply add or deduct points manually through the points management interface which is accessible underneath the Manage Points tab.

So far we have just touched on a few key areas within this extension and what it can do for you. This extension offers many other aspects that you can tailor to enhance the customers overall user experience. Here is a core features list provided by WooCommerce:


  • Easily define how many points are earned for purchases, and the value of points for discounts
  • Control the maximum discount that can be earned using points at the cart, category, or product level
  • Award customers points for actions like signing up or writing a product review
  • Apply points earned to all previous orders so customers can start redeeming points for discounts immediately
  • Quickly adjust the points balance for a customer
  • View a log of all points changes made for customers