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URL Coupons

Advertising and the return on investment achieved can be a mystery for a lot of businesses and their marketing campaigns. Without being able to measure, track and analyse fixed data how can you possibly forecast or assess how successful your advertising is and whether to continue with it?

The first pitfall that too many businesses make is not identifying how much their average customer is worth. It is only when you have calculated this that you able to gauge how many new customers you need to win in order to produce a good ROI.

Most businesses mistakenly presume that if you sell products for £50 and your advertising costs come to £100 then your ROI is minus £50. Whilst this is mathematically true when an immediate ROI is calculated, its not actually the full picture. You need to know how much the average customer is worth to you over a given time period, three to five years for example.

The correct way in assessing the ROI is to calculate the average value of each customer and then deduct any marketing costs associated. Once the average value is identified, and in this instance let’s assume that our average customer buys 4 products per year and typically remains a customer for around 5 years, then we can accurately calculate that our average customer is actually worth £1,000 to us. As you can see, once you are able to identify the true value of each customer you can then invest accordingly.

Now to introduce the URL coupons extension for WooCommerce, what this is able to do and help us with is exactly what we have been discussing so far; how to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. This plugin is able to slipstream and personalise the entire shopping experience for your customers and ensure that you gain the greatest ROI possible for your business.

In summary of what the URL coupon plugin is able to do for your store. It enables you to add a unique URL to any coupon created within the original WooCommerce framework. Once the unique URL is used whether that be from an advert, QR code, email or traditional print, a set discount is then applied to the product, you can even very easily set the extension to add products to the customers shopping cart automatically.

Whilst customers do tend to remember coupons, the user’s journey to apply that coupon and proceed with making a purchase can be quite a trek. Remove the obstacles and slip stream the process for your customers by doing all the hard work for them, all they need to do is either click or enter the unique URL that you provide. Could it get any easier?

A key benefit of using a unique URL is the ability to accurately measure the clicks from PPC campaigns and the customer’s journey within your website once they have clicked and used the URL.

Here’s another example of how this extension could be used; let’s assume that we have a PPC campaign running or a banner advert on another website. At present you will be able to monitor how many clicks you have received, and if you have Google Analytics set up properly you will receive a more in-depth analysis of the performance of your ads; however you are still unable to measure and track the overall impact as well as success from your campaign.

Once you have the URL coupon extension set up properly you will be able to measure your campaigns more accurately as well as being able to vastly increase the conversion rates by being able to automate many of the processes leading to the transaction. Rather than having to advertise and explain to customers that they need to copy or use a coupon code on product y or z in order to gain x amount of discount, you can simply use a unique URL that links the customer straight to your website with the discount already applied with the product already in the customers shopping cart.

Additional key features of this extension include; being able to control what page a user is sent to once they visit the URL and being able to manage when coupons are valid, along the additional option of what items can be included and those that are exempt from being used. You can even set minimum amounts, expiration dates and usage limits. As you can see, the sky is the limit on how you use this extension for your business.

Those are just a few examples of how you could use the discount URLs and what they could do for your business. The possibilities and scenarios as to when they could be applied are almost endless and it’s down to your creativity and needs as to how they are used.