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Product Finder

As your online store grows and further products are added, there will come a point where you will be left with very little choice but to enhance the usability and efficiency of your website.

Some business owners are often worried about enhancing their website and making an investment into their online store, they cannot see past their nose and realise that the user experience plays a vital role in the overall conversion rates of their products.

As your inventory grows it will become far more challenging for each user to navigate around your website and source the exact product that they want. As the business owner you must look into and invest in solutions that will simplify the process they need to follow in order to find suitable products.

A system that could help you with all of this is the product finder extension for WooCommerce. This powerful extension simplifies website navigation and makes it easy for customers to source the products that they want to buy. By making it simpler for users you are not only increasing the convenience for them in using your store over others, but you are also helping those users find and purchase the products they want sooner.

It is important that your website is designed to convert visitors into sales as soon and as efficiently as possible. If your website does not have slip streamed processes then it is highly likely that your potential customers will become distracted somewhere along the line causing them to navigate away from your site or they may simply forget to make the purchase.

Once the Product Finder extension has been installed and integrated into your website, your customers will be able to quickly and seamlessly refine their search allowing them to source the products they are looking for. Customers are able to set their own criteria based upon the product category, size, colour, keyword or price which makes it possible to select products between £25 – £55 for example.

The product finder extension is incredibly easy to integrate into your site. The extension supplies you with multiple integration options, which include; short codes, template tags and widgets.

Enhance the usability of your website, increase conversion rates and make it simple for people to find and buy your products. All of this is possible by using the Product Finder extension.