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Product Add-ons

The Add-ons extension is particularly great for those that wish to offer customization options for their customers. For instance if you sell or were to sell products such as trophies, clothing, confectionery, bouquets and so forth, and you wish to offer gift messages donations or engraving as an add-on then this tool will help you do just that!

You can set required fields, additional costs, limitations to how many letters could be used within the description area and so forth. If necessary you can even allow your customers to upload files to be associated with their order.

You can enable this feature for all your products with the click of one button, this will save you a lot of time and effort if you need to enable this feature for multiple products already published on your store.

Furthermore, the Add-ons extension makes it possible for customers to re-order their requirements and provides you with the option to add a fee for such bespoke requests.

As you can see the products add-on plugin for WooCommerce is jam packed full of functions and features that enable you to develop your customers shopping experience, make it possible to add bespoke requests to orders and set a nominal fee for those additions. Increase your sales and optimise your customers experience through the WooCommerce add-ons plugin.