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How to Display Your Products

When it comes to converting website visitors into sales there is no better way to ensure that your website fulfills its potential than to display your products professionally and neatly throughout your store.

If you look at any successful shop, they will follow an orderly and organised layout for their store regardless of whether it’s a large or small outlet. This guide is designed to help you increase your online conversion rates by following proven methods for displaying your products.

Your online store is actually not that dissimilar to a shop with a physical location and public access. If what you sell is poorly laid out, unorganised and presented poorly, or your visitors are unsure as to what the product is and what it does then you will most certainly loose a bucket load of sales.

If on the other hand your products are presented professionally, organised and clearly display the uses, purpose and benefits of the product then you are likely to see your sales increase.

But how do you present your products professionally and how do you make it easier for customers to buy from you?


There is a saying that you have probably heard before which states that a picture is worth 1,000 words, and this is so very true when it comes to selling. It’s almost impossible to sell an item online without including a photo nowadays so you must ensure that you use a high quality camera or smart phone to capture a well-presented image of your product. In most instances it’s best to retain the same background colour for consistency and to prevent your website looking like a multi coloured blur, however in some industries and certain target markets using varied backgrounds can work well.

Ensure that the photos you display are both of a good quality and self-explanatory. Ideally you would include multiple images for each product that show the product from multiple angles, although this is not always necessary.


As we stated in the images section above, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.  It’s argued that a video is worth 1,000 images. This simple explanation demonstrates the sheer power of video and if it’s possible for you to include a video of each product that displays the uses, benefits, functions and features of a product then you will likely see an increase in the number of conversions your website makes.

What video does so great that an image does to an extent is that it shows you what you are getting. The more you can show and prove before someone is asked to commit to purchase the more likely they are to do just that.

Not only do videos increase conversion rates but they also ensure that your customers are not conscious or unaware as to what they are buying. It truly is the most engaging and powerful online conversion tool to this present day.

A powerful example of video includes the Appliances Online website. There are very few products that are less interesting than dishwashers and tumble dryers, but Appliances Online incorporate the perfect blend of content and video to convert you there and then. It also makes shopping online incredibly easy.


Words and how they are used can be exceptionally powerful as well as influential in whether people buy your products. Placing a small investment into hiring a copyrighter for your business to create content for your website can be one of the best investments that you could make.

A great example of an online store that plays with words and utilizes their capabilities to the full potential is Davids Tea. Regardless of whether you like tea, you will soon realise the full power of wording and what it can do for your business and how to woo people into buying your products.


Some websites, particularly service-based businesses make it very difficult for people to gauge the price of their services. Whilst you could argue that each service is different, prices will certainly help your customers gain an understanding as to what they should roughly expect.

When it comes to an E-commerce store you have no choice but to make the price clear and transparent, whilst you may be able to suggest price on application (POA) for some products, the invention of the internet and modern technologies has worked like a steroid for impatience. Very few people are willing to wait for information, they want to know there and then how much something costs.

Buy Now

Make it clear as to where people are supposed to click to buy your product. We often find that the overall buying and checkout process is the most challenging aspect to almost all internet users.

Your buy now button should capture the eye and lead your customers to a simple and easy to follow checkout process. Complicate things at this stage and you see an increase in the number of sales that are lost.


When set up and used correctly there is no doubt that your website can be a powerhouse selling machine. Great examples include the likes of Amazon and ASOS to name a few. Those websites make it easy for their target audience to view and buy all from the click of a button.